About Us

Advantage Consulting Engineers (Advantage) was established by Thakor Patel and Bill Zalewski.

For over 25 years Bill and Thakor have worked together serving a wide variety of Clients – Developers (Residential, Commercial & Industrial), Builders, Homeowners Associations, Land Managers, Individuals and Government Agencies. Advantage delivers High-Quality, Value Engineered Civil Site Design and Management Services.

By retaining Advantage for your Professional Design Services, you will receive the attention your Development deserves. As the leaders of your Development Team, Bill and Thakor will manage all Civil Design and Site Related Disciplines required to make your Development a success. Advantage has the Civil Engineering Background; Site Development Knowledge; Construction Experience; Resources; and a Vast Network of Contacts to deliver a Value Engineered Development.

Bill and Thakor each have over 30 years of Personal and Professional Experience and Reputations as leaders in Site Development. They will manage the full range of Site Development services including: Civil Site Engineering (Including Grading and Utility Design); Storm Water Management; Permitting (At all Government Levels); Land Surveying; Land Planning; Wetland Determination and Reports; Landscaping; Traffic Studies; Geotechnical Analysis; Construction Staking; Site Construction Management & Observation; Septic Design (Residential & Commercial) and Engineer Deposition & Expert Testimony.

Thakor and Bill manage each Development. Your Development isn’t delegated to another engineer or technician. When you call, email, or text they will answer your questions.

Advantage has developed a solid Quality Control Program to review the design of each Development. They internally review each development for: Constructability; Storm Water Proficiency (To minimize the detention basin impact to the site); Efficient Layout and Design of Sanitary Sewer, Storm Sewer and Water Main Configurations. They pride themselves on their ability to deliver High Quality Site Civil Design Engineering while meeting time sensitive deadlines.